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PART 2 of “Genetic Memory & Reincarnation, The Spirit, The Soul and The Mind” – PART 2 – Genetic Memory

17 Oct

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Genetic Memory

I’ve always been fascinated by genetic memory and have a pretty substantial belief in reincarnation – if I believe in them both, how can I marry the two together? They are too similar to not be related but too dissimilar for me to be able to work out how….. How does Karma fit in?

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Genetic memory is essentially knowledge which is inherited and carried from one descendant to the next, without having first-hand experience of it.. It is usually applied to things like instinct – birds building nests, turtles hatching and crawling to the sea etc but more recently it has been increasingly discussed on the human level and whether or not our actual DNA holds the memories of our past.

It is deemed to be a much newer concept than most spiritual ones, although this is not exactly true. Many indigenous peoples have long held the belief of a connection with the ancestors through the bloodlines, and conservation of their knowledge (or genetic memory) through the bloodlines.

I come at these thoughts from my own experience of being adopted – in short, separated from my genetic background and not influenced by my “blood relatives”.  As such, I feel I am as blank a slate as nurture had to write on in her attempts to override my genetic nature, so we can dispel the comments of, “Your actions were influenced by the interests and habits of the people around you”.

My Experiences (feel free to skip!)

I cannot explain to you what it feels like to meet a blood relative Continue reading