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The Climate Change Series – Introduction

23 Oct


Well for some reason I like to choose very big topics for myself to write about. This is a topic close to my heart, I studied a BSc in Geology and an MSc in Environmental Dynamics and Climate change in 2010.

My focus has always been on the past history of the earth or “Palaeo”climate (which just means the ancient climate of the earth), my masters thesis was on the penultimate de-glaciation and the mechanisms which brought us into the last interglacial (not the one we are experiencing now but the one before:).

I’m going to give anyone who wants, a basic view of climate change, its mechanisms (although these are still not at all fully understood), the politics of carbon currency and the problem with the way a lot of climate information is modeled and presented.

I am not going to try and convince you climate change isn’t happening, but I will put forward an argument that it is not necessarily a bad thing and is actually potentially, a rather good thing.

Before I get flamed, I’d like to iterate that I think the way that we live, pollute, destroy habitats and kill things is disgraceful. It is these actions which need our full attention. Creating a sustainable, respectful way of life is key to our planets survival. Climate change will certainly bring its own problems, but as humans we seem incapable of thinking about adapting rather than stopping any kind of change.

Climate has always changed, on huge dramatic scales, flora and fauna survive and adapt. The reason why things are becoming extinct has actually very little to do with climate change and an awful lot to do with us *killing* them, destroying their habitats and polluting their waters.