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Welcome WileyCats

3 Sep


Hello all and Welcome to the Discussion,

I’m at work today (with obviously rather little to do) so this will be brief! Essentially this is a page for discussing ideas and theories however mad or farfetched they maybe. After all Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, and I happen to agree.

Science has become too bogged down in it’s dogged and mundane attempts to prove itself, so much so that it almost disallows genuine ingenuity. To come up with an idea or theory based on a few observations but without any “proof” or historical support almost poo-poos you straight out the the room. But it is the leap of imagination, based on some simple observations that will eventually lead to the largest progressions of real science and philosophy. So throw in some creativity, philosophy, metaphysics or spirituality into the mix. Lets see what our minds show us. I’m not suggesting that many of the ideas you or I come up with are in anyway correct, more than likely not.. but that is not the point! We are blurring the lines of science fiction and fact, what is truth and what is dogma…  The exploration of an idea should be where the joy is rather than the being right or wrong.

Interspersed with these discussion based on science, philosophy and spirituality will probably be some well placed geekiness. I am a huge Sci-Fi fan and also a science-fiction writer and this blog may well serve as a muse 🙂