PART 2 of “Genetic Memory & Reincarnation, The Spirit, The Soul and The Mind” – PART 2 – Genetic Memory

17 Oct

Read PART 1 here: The Prologue

Genetic Memory

I’ve always been fascinated by genetic memory and have a pretty substantial belief in reincarnation – if I believe in them both, how can I marry the two together? They are too similar to not be related but too dissimilar for me to be able to work out how….. How does Karma fit in?

Jump to – My Experiences
Jump to – Can The things genetic relations do, have a direct effect on you, even if you have no contact?
Jump to – How can memory be stored in the genes/atoms in the body?
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Jump to – Mechanism for passing of genetic memory in “real-time”


Genetic memory is essentially knowledge which is inherited and carried from one descendant to the next, without having first-hand experience of it.. It is usually applied to things like instinct – birds building nests, turtles hatching and crawling to the sea etc but more recently it has been increasingly discussed on the human level and whether or not our actual DNA holds the memories of our past.

It is deemed to be a much newer concept than most spiritual ones, although this is not exactly true. Many indigenous peoples have long held the belief of a connection with the ancestors through the bloodlines, and conservation of their knowledge (or genetic memory) through the bloodlines.

I come at these thoughts from my own experience of being adopted – in short, separated from my genetic background and not influenced by my “blood relatives”.  As such, I feel I am as blank a slate as nurture had to write on in her attempts to override my genetic nature, so we can dispel the comments of, “Your actions were influenced by the interests and habits of the people around you”.

My Experiences (feel free to skip!)

I cannot explain to you what it feels like to meet a blood relative for the first time when you have never ever met one before. I’m not talking about the emotional response to finding my birth mother, which of course was overwhelming, but the unbelievable familiarity I felt when meeting each and every relative.  More than familiar in fact,  it were as if each of them were almost like a version of me – not the same – but like they were some other aspect of me – and I of them.

This feeling was decidedly acute with my actual birth mother, who seemed really in a spooky way, to actually *be* me,  not just in looks and character but also (and more importantly for this discussion),  in the things which had happened in her life, her goals, the decisions she’d made and the situations she’s gotten herself into.

My life had had exceptionally eerie similarities to hers, from start to present. It really felt as if I were partially reliving her life in some way (albeit in different circumstances), like i was simply a reincarnated version of her. There were so many markers in her life which I also had in mine. The same aspirations not followed through (writing in this case, the following through I’m remedying right now). I won’t bother you with specifics – you can ask me if you would like.

Then there was dancing, which has been the soul of my life.

I instinctively knew how to dance, I knew how it should “feel” in the body, I could just see someone dancing and I’d feel the memory of how to perform that movement flow through my body – people always asked me if I was a dancer, I never had any lessons, but i always danced. It turned out my father was a dancer and musician. I cannot speak much more about him than that as I haven’t managed to trace him yet. All i know is that he was half Maori, interestingly genetic memory is exceptionally sacred to the Maori..
(Don’t worry, tracing him is on my list of things to do this year – it just takes a lot of time and energy!)

Meeting her and reading about my father really made me concretely believe in nature over nurture and I had certainly started to believe that genetic memory was a very real thing. However beyond that, the uncanny nature of my mother and I’s similar lives lead me to begin to wonder if this was actually what reincarnation was? are the various versions of yourself another opportunity to “get it right”? especially a direct offspring.

Is this why offspring and parents so often fight? as they try to stop the other from making the same mistakes they themselves did or can see? not just on the obvious level, but because they are actually the same “soul” thread, what the offspring does directly influences the parent and vice-versa. If the parent is nasty to the child, they are in fact being nasty to themselves and ensuring their own suffering in the future? And equally if they are good tot he child, they are being good to themselves and vice-versa. Certainly it would make a lot of sense in terms of Karma, as an offspring would receive the direct “karma” or cause and effect of their parents actions, both genetically and behaviorally.

If that’s the case, what happens when a familial line ceases?

Can The things genetic relations do, have a direct effect on you, even if you have no contact?

Another strange experience I had, was that for every relative I met, there was an uncanny event or tendency in my life, which related closely to theirs  – it was very odd. And I’m not talking mundane coincidences – I’m talking things like me having a spate of researching into cold fusion, which it turned out my uncle, (an astrophysicist), had written a paper on. (I had also randomly suddenly decided to start a degree in astrophysics at University – even though i had no academic background in it and already had a place to study Geology..  I just had the sudden *urge*).

With my uncle there was even more weirdness…. at the time that we met, I was trying to write a patent for a particular type of interactive tv service which required looking at the specific way the data could be sent and received.. it turned out that he was looking into the same data communication issue as me (albeit for a different invention), but we were both trying to solve the same problem, at the same time, having never met.. that was uncanny to say the least.

Then there was my obsession with horses and riding from age 4, when no-one else in my adopted family had ever ridden, of course it turned out two of my close relatives are involved with training horses and eventing and *all* of them ride.

Then there was my half-brother, it was very interesting talking to him, it turned out we had become interested in and learned about the same things at the same time also, just like my and my uncle – even though we had never met.

The overriding realization I had from meeting and finding out about them, was that i really began to feel that I had been influenced by these people’s actions, in “real-time” during my life – even though I’d had no contact with them. That their actions and learning had somehow affected me and mine them. You hear about this sort of thing with twins who have been separated at birth and never met, but im not sure about adopted people (might be interesting to look into!).  It is a little bit like the morphic resonance theory (where, for example, when one cow learns something, then they all seem to learn it at the same time – like not crossing cattle grids). There is a theory that this happens at the human level too – that the more people that learn something, the easier it becomes for other people to learn. However, in my own experience of the very closely related genetic level, this becomes a lot more acute.

If that is the case then what conclusions can you draw? Why would the genetic level have such an impact?

1) that the consciousness/spirit/soul of familial lines transcends the body singular,  because you are essentially sharing the same soul/spirit/consciousness in essence – but even then, on the physical level, the only thing that relates you is the similarity of your genetics,  so this must have some kind of bearing on it.

2) that memory is somehow stored in the genetic code or atoms of the body,  rather than the brain and that includes the memory of you forebears

3) if one genetically similar person to you learns something which is then recorded in their DNA, it somehow also alters your own DNA, (we will look at bells theorem (Quantum mechanics) later to explore this

(did you run away yet?:))

How can memory be stored in the genes/atoms in the body?

to quote a great article:

Occam’s razor states that nature always reduces things to the simplest solution. We know of only three ‘memory systems’ in nature.

1) The evolutionary memory of how to build an organism;
2) a conscious memory of events we experience;
3) and an immune memory of past infections.

Two out of three of these are based on DNA, therefore we would normally expect nature to be efficient enough to use the same tools for the third as well, not evolve something unique.

So here, the writer is showing us that both the memory of how to build a body and the memory of past infections are both stored or recorded within the body, most likely in the DNA and/or RNA. So why not for experiential memory? Wouldn’t that be the simplest and most obvious option?

How exactly memories are stored in the body, let’s be honest, there’s no way in hell I can offer you a complete answer – but I can offer an idea…

Think about it, if you try to bring to mind a person you have a strong feeling about – either good or bad, you will find it quite easy to picture their face and the emotion will probably accompany that image. Now try to picture someone you don’t have any feelings for either way – they are much harder to bring to mind. This works best for people you have just met – the memory forming window, rather than people you see everyday.

We all know how smells and sounds like music can have profound effects on stimulating memories – these types of memories are usually very strong and felt intrinsically in the body as well as being a visual experience.

this also applies to muscle memory, the more you do something the more your body remembers how to do it and the physical (nerve and circulatory) pathways are strengthened, bt more importantly – the *feel* of the movement is recorded.

Additionally, it is advised when using image memory techniques, such as those employed by Derren Brown, that when you create an image-link or story  you should make it very funny or bizarre, so you can remember. The reason it is easier to remember is that you are evoking a response in the *body* be it humour or shock – it is that and not the image itself which is the key to the memory.

I am suggesting that somehow this body stimulus invokes changes in the DNA/RNA

“The cells in our bodies are continually acquiring DNA mutations, but mostly they occur in the ‘junk’ DNA that has no known function. Even when a mutation occurs in a gene, it usually either doesn’t change the effect of the gene or it is a gene that is not needed in that particular cell. Only rarely does a mutation have an effect by changing the outcome of a genetic instruction.”

It is interesting that mutations are rarely seen to have an effect of changing a genetic instruction – by this they mean an instruction which affects the functioning of the body on the physical level, as that is how genes are currently viewed. It seems that most of the DNA has no “known” function for affecting the body and yet this is where most of the changes are occurring… why? do they effect something else? The memory?

Essentially, what I’m suggesting (and not explaining particularly well!), is that the body is like the hard-drive of a computer, and the brain the processor (descrambler), bus and RAM. The body stores experiences like an imprint encoded on a hard-drive, a string of numbers or DNA. When recalling it, the bus fetches the information from the DNA and the processor descrambles into a meaningful Audio Visual experience, which involves a certain brain pattern (that which is seen on brain imaging in memory research as memories are stimulated).

I am suggesting that the DNA remembers the *experience* of a memory by creating a specific DNA/RNA shape, it doesn’t store the audio visuals per-se, the AVs are attached specifically to the experience by the brain.

What i mean by this, is that every single experience and reaction to an experience is absolutely unique – just like a finger print. Every experience has a unique code, even if it varies by just one letter.  Just like a satellite image which exists only as a string of incoherent numbers until a computer descrambles it into a picture. If there was no descrambler (brain) and therefore no picture.. the code would still exist, in the hard-drive or DNA.

Passing on of memory down the genetic line

What i think happens when you have offspring is that all the “junk”DNA mutations which potentially record the memory, are passed on to the offspring. However the brain of the offspring has essentially been wiped of its operating system and therefore doesn’t know how to read the data.. think of when your windows operating systems corrupts, it tells you that all your files have disappeared – that is in fact not true, it has just forgotten how to “see” them. On the human plane,  you may still be able, at some level, to experience the memories through a feeling or innate ability to do or learn something, but your brain now lacks the correct programming to descramble the code into a coherent AV experience. The body knows but the brain does not.

Mechanism for passing of genetic memory in “real-time”

Here I will fall back to quantum mechanics, i am trying to explain this mechanism on the physical level.

If we accept that memory is stored in the DNA, that it is essentially made up of a particular arrangement of atoms. Then what if we apply Bell’s Theorum?

Bells theorum basically flies in the face of relativity, relativity states that nothing can travel faster than light, and therefore if something happens, it cannot directly affect anything around it instantly. it will always take time. For example, if a star far away from us exploded, we wouldn’t feel or see the effects of it until the effects had travelled over the distance between us.

Bell’s theory has shown that when 2 electrons are paired, and then separated in a vacuum, that when one of the electrons is manipulated – i.e. made to turn, the other electron instantly does the same thing – and it doesn’t matter how great the distance between them is. The action of one paired electron directly changes the other paired electron, and you don’t have to wait for the speed of light for the pair to communicate…

What if closely coded DNA is like that? we are essentially paired at the atomic level to our relatives.  If they create a genetic memory imprint in their DNA, at the atomic level could it then instantly affect our own DNA at the atomic level – ghosting some kind of imprint? and thus while we don’t have the cognitive awareness of it, it might make it easier for us to learn that thing somehow, or may lead us to be drawn  to it at the same time as our relative. Maybe deja-vu comes from here. Maybe it was a relative that had done this and left the imprint in your genetic code.

Is this also why people who have organ transplants also sometimes have the experience of having memories and cravings of the donor?

and what of the fact that the organ has a better success rate and high functioning value if the donor is a living donor rather than a dead one.. are they still connected to and influencing that organ?

Any thoughts? what do you think? any theories of your own?


i realize i have veered away from including the soul/spirit/mind here specifically – but they will be incorporated back into the discussion after we’ve dealt with reincarnation – next week. I think there is enough in this post to digest before we get onto reincarnation (or im just fudging over a deadline again:) Don’t worry, the reincarnation piece is mostly written, I just want to comb it a lot first.

i will insert the relevent information links into the article tomorrow – i just need to go to sleep 🙂


13 Responses to “PART 2 of “Genetic Memory & Reincarnation, The Spirit, The Soul and The Mind” – PART 2 – Genetic Memory”

  1. tfaswift October 17, 2012 at 5:50 pm #

    Wow, what a fascinating post. I need to re-read it again just to make it fully sink in. I can totally identify with inheriting traits or abilities from an earlier generation. Neither of my parents has an artistic bone in their body, but both me and my brother are very artistic, both with drawing and my brother is a professional graphic artist. All my Dad can draw, bless his soul, is a shark. LOL. My mum *tries* to draw. That’s as much as I can about that. 🙂 I can also knit beautifully and my mum can’t knit to save her life. Interestingly, my grandfather was a painter who painted beautiful portraits and shop signs etc. And my grandmother used to knit for a living. So I guess me and my brother inherited our artistic ability from them. And we can both dance too, but neither of our parents can. But I don’t know where we get that from. I’ll have to ask my dad …

    • wileykit October 17, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

      thanks for your reply 🙂 yeah its strange how sometimes these things skip generations or maybe more related to an aunt or uncle or something. its weird also as both me and my half brother are both left handed and noone else (that i know of) in the family is. i wonder where that came from! maybe i influenced that one on him 🙂

      Ill be adding to and tidying up this post as its not quite as coherent as id like – the end kinda came out like a big splurt at 3am 🙂 and the reincarnation post will be out soon with hopefully a nice discussion between the two! Trying to fit the “source/soul/spirit/mind” into the genetic memory theory – im gunna have to do some serious thinking about.

      by the way i love your blog and your blog page! i should ask you for some lessons or go on a CSS course! i cant even find a way to change the font size!!

      going to read some of yours now

      • tfaswift October 17, 2012 at 7:53 pm #

        Thank you so much for the compliment on my blog! 🙂 Your blog is very interesting indeed and I shall add it to my Reader. The left-handed thing is interesting. These things can go back for generations. Which of course leads to the subject of genealogy … another interesting area and something of great importance in certain cultures.

  2. sanora1 November 3, 2012 at 6:28 pm #

    Great post, interesting life you have led. If I might suggest a few ideas they would be this, (and possibly you are already familiar with them). Soul family members account for the people in our lives which we are the closest to, and soul family members number in the thousands. Therefore, you always reincarnated within a core group of people you have very close ties with, this accounts for the intense feelings that are felt when you meet so-called strangers. Genetics, dna coding? Well people think they invented the computer, when in fact people never invent anything. Everything that ever has been or ever will be invented, exists now, and is avaliable to those who can vibrationally rise to the level of the information and integrate it into this current life. Nicola Tesla was a testament to that fact, as were others. Being away from your parents must have been tough. Glad to see you adjusted so well. Good luck.

    • wileykit November 3, 2012 at 10:55 pm #

      ah yes im a big tesla fan too, amazing man – when you talk about the vibrational level – all knowledge exists now as ever will be, yes i agree the same – like the akashic records in indian philosophy.

      you can train the mind or if you meditate deeply enough into a problem you will see the solution – though i really believe the intent must be pure! not for gain, pure childish curiosity

      have you read a little known book by Roald Dahl called the wonderful story of henry sugar? believe it or not he touches on this. i had no idea he had any interest in this area but he clearly has a deep understanding. definitely worth a read or listen.

      ive heard the theory of always being reincarnated around the same bunch of souls, replaying out different outcomes. its interesting, and when you do absolutely resonate with someone they stand out as if everyone else were almost in black and white (thats a bit of an excessive description – but something like that).

      I do have to say being adoted i feel as if i left that circle or cycle – it is so very rare to find that resonance where i am. but i beleive im getting new experiences for that.

      thanks for taking the time to read my blog.. it is quite long! and for sharing your thoughts. i would like to meet more soul family members – but i think i need to move for that – which is what im planning on doing at the moment anyway. i know they are out there

      • sanora1 November 3, 2012 at 11:12 pm #

        Your welcome . I have myself had the experience of meeting a complete stranger, and both she and I were electrified by the experience. It was totally unbelievable. I intuitively knew that we already knew each other, although there was no rational explanation for it. As for soul families, it all boils down to whether you believe that every thing on earth is a totally unique invention on humanities part, or whether life here is pattered after structures and ideas which have their origins in vibrationally higher aspects of reality. That is what the phrase “as above, so below” is about. And no I have not read that book but I will look it up. By the way, you know your stuff.

      • wileykit November 4, 2012 at 1:39 am #

        Wow. . I just read “as above, so below” in my bedtime book. Three times in a week, I will take the prod its something I need to read about

  3. wileykit November 4, 2012 at 12:10 am #

    ahhh interesting – someone quoted that phrase to me recently (As above, so below) – first time i had really heard it or taken note of it – its alchemic / hermetic right? i dont know much about those principles – by that i mean ive not read much if anything on them – but going on my general experiences im hopeful it would express the same truths as are always there albeit in differing language. should read more on that!

    im interested in your language on “vibrational” aspects of realities, or have their origins in higher aspects of realities? i think i get what you are saying – in certain states of brain function – (brain waves being electormagnetic hand having a wave and particle like nature) you can be in tune with the higher levels of reality? im not sure i clearly understand exactly what your expressing here:

    “life here is patterned on structures and ideas which have their origins in vibrational higher aspects of reality”

    if you get time could you elaborate on this? would like to understand – or do you have a blog piece / book recommendation?

    Thankyou, its kind of you to say i know my stuff, i know my experiences but am not actually that well read at all and only have a very peripheral knowledge of hinduism and most other religions. but knowledge.. blah blah blah :p

  4. homepage July 18, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

    Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning
    this post plus the rest of the website is really good.

    • wileykit August 22, 2013 at 9:45 am #

      hey 🙂 thanks for your comments – it really feels good to get some nice comments – keeps one motivated. Been moving house recently but ill be posting more soon

  5. this site August 8, 2013 at 8:02 am #

    My brother recommended I might like this web site.
    He was totally right. This post truly made my day. You can not imagine
    just how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

    • wileykit August 22, 2013 at 9:46 am #

      wow thats so amazing, that someone actually recommended you to read my blog. And thanks for what you have said, it really does mean so much for something ive written to have positive comments. It does often take a lot of research.

      ive been moving house recently but i should be writing more posts soon. thanks for connecting

  6. April 9, 2014 at 4:35 am #

    From the primary menu, choose ‘Edit Profile’ underneath the ‘Profile’ tab. You have given birth to great art beginning with a FADE IN and ending having a FADE OUT.

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