*Attention Creatives/writers* free collaborative workspace

5 Oct

*Attention creatives!* (in cardiff)
I have been in touch with indycube  in the bay about allowing people/creatives in on a Sunday to use the space for writing or whatever work you want to do – there is free wifi, coffee and desk space! normally they charge £10 a desk. It is usually only open mon-fri to people who use it for their main job, but if i can get a captive audience or people who would like to use the space on Sunday then he will make me a key holder and we can begin working on projects and perhaps collaborating and networking! It would be free to begin with and then might go to to the normal £10 a desk. please send me a message if youre interested – either on facebook (gimme your email too) or to josiejo.wales@gmail.com

check out the indycube ethos and follow @indycube http://www.indycube.com/


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